39 Blackburn St Toronto ON M4M 2B3 Canada

Available Releases
11PM01-Deviant-Loading the Gun 7 inch
RVA Hardcore punk that runs evil errands for our dark lord for mere pocket change. 300 one-time pressing.

11PM02-Gazm-Heavy Vibe Music LP
Montreal metal hardcore dark alley airmax music. 500 pressed with 100 on ectoplasm green.

11PM03-Protocol-Bloodsport one-sided MLP
Tallahassee hardcore that lies in the shadows watching your every move. 300 first press on translucent red. 200 Second press on black. Split with Dynastic Yellow Star.

11PM04-Adderall-Adderall vs. Big Pharma 7 inch
Asheville, NC punk hardcore with blown out menacing vibe that weighs down on your conscience. 300 one-time pressing. Split with TV Jesus records.

11PM05-Armor- Some Kind of War 7 inch
Tally-Style chaos core the ascended from below. 300 first pressing with 100 on pee pee yellow colored vinyl. Second press 200 on clear vinyl. Third press 200 on black vinyl with orange covers. Fourth and final pressing 200 on blue vinyl with orange covers. Split with Dynastic Yellow Star.

11PM06-Sniper Culture- Sniper Culture Presents:Combat Rock 7 inch
Chicago war beat war profiteering hardcore punk. 300 one-time pressing with 100 on camo green.

11PM07-Big Laugh- Manic Revision 7 inch
Milwaukee punkers playing more youth crew inspired hardcore. 300 pressed with 100 on clear. Second Press 200 on Turquoise. Third press 100 on marble vinyl.

11PM08-Cadenaxo- Lenguas Podridas LP
Mexico City Hardcore Punk with equal parts Pogo and two-step. 300 LP's press with 100 on pink and black swirl vinyl. Second press 200 on clear and white swirl vinyl.

11PM09-Loss Prevention- Shoot to Kill 7 inch
Kansas City Punk that is sloppy, pure, and pissed. 300 7 inches housed in a printed liner sleeve, with 100 on white vinyl. Second press 200 on actually yellow Vinyl.

11PM10-Rolex-S/T 7 inch
Los Angelos chaos punk with an art edge and a surf edge and a minutemen edge. 300 7 inches with 100 on gold. Second press 200 on actually metallic gold vinyl.

11PM11-Haircut-Cake 7 inch
Richmond Hardcore greats return with their third ep, all on local labels. 300 7 inches with 100 on brown vinyl. Second press 200 on pink vinyl.

11PM12-Reek Minds-Rabid 7 inch
Portland hardcore with power violence influence. 500 7 inches with 100 on coke bottle clear. Second press 300 on brown vinyl.

11PM13-Zig Zag-S/T 7 inch
South Florida Punk Hardcore with No Trend and noise rock influence. 500 7 inches with 100 on black and white mix. Second press on white vinyl.

11PM14-Ztuped-Are You Stupid? 7 inch
Washington DC youth that lives up to their name; truly stupid hardcore punk contained within. 500 7 inches with 100 on purple vinyl.

11PM15-Faze S/T 7 inch
Montreal hardcore meets psych rock that explores new folds of your brain. 500 7 inches with 100 on greyish purple.

11PM16-Last Affront-10 song 7 inch
UK speed hardcore, relentless and brutish and nasty. 500 7 inches with 100 on orange vinyl.

11PM17-Yambag-Strength in Nightmares 7 inch
Cleveland freak power violence influenced hardcore, not for the fain of heart. Split release with convulse records. 500 7 inches with 100 on orange (convulse color) and 100 on brown (11pm color) mix.

11PM18-Subliminal Excess-Witness 7 inch
Chicago punks gone hardcore and we just love to see it. From the dark and demented streets of the windy city. 500 7 inches with 100 on evil evil evil yellow.

11PM19-Shitty Life-Limits to Growth 7 inch
Parma lightly medlodic hardcore ala Social Cirkle or Shitty Limits with a dash of salt. 500 7 inches with 100 on cocacola bottle clear.

11PM20-Grand Scheme-Numbers Game 7 inch
Richmond VA/DC youth crew with tons of fast parts in the vein of Brotherhood. 500 7 inches with 100 on TBA

Coming Soon
11PM21-Enemy-Maladjusted LP
Los Angelos fast punk no bullshit. They've been around for years but they've been saving their debut LP for 11 PM. 500 12 inch LPs with 100 on TBA

11PM22-Lethal-Lethal's Hardcore Hit Parade 7 inch
New York d-beat influenced hardcore punk from the streets of the city. 600 7 inches split with Quality Control Records. 100 exclusive 11 PM color.

11PM23-Repression-War Comes Home 7 inch
Phoenix d-beat influenced hardcore punk. Extremely hard and fast. 500 7 inches split with Total Peace records. 100 exclusive color.

11PM24-Asbestos-Wishful Thinking 7 inch
Pissed off fast hardcore fury from Denver. Product of a great hardcore city, Asbestos and like-minded bands carry the torch. 500 7 inches with 100 exclusive color for 11 PM customers.

Please email spypaparika@gmail.com for ordering or demo submission. Please do not mail physical cassettes to me, digital submissions only. I listen to every single one.

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